All Black 335 Station Hospital

Carl Scarborough Jenkins was a Battalion Surgeon with the all black 335 Station Hospital.
While on station in Tagap, Burma, Carl spent his spare time taking pictures and developing them. The pictures on this web site have been in a shoe box in the back of a closet all these many years. Carl died September 11, 2000. He is survived by his wife, Helen Mathis Jenkins, daughter, Carlen J Mandas and grand daughter, Allison Kae Mandas. I'm Carlen's husband, Greg
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Standing beside my basha and looking up the hill I noticed a fine cloud coming over the hill. But by the time I got my camera and was ready to take the picture the clouds were not as good. The house built like mine is where we keep wood. The clouds would have been prettier if I had used a red filter instead of a yellow one. Made on 20 June 45
Shot from my porch - didn't come out very well but I hope you get an idea of what it's like.
Looking down from Capt. Coleman's quarters - Tagap, Burma. The clouds are in the valley beneath us.
Looking down the road from my porch. Barnes shot this with a yellow filter - I enlarged, about five thirty - I think it was almost six thirty though. All of the pictures I send are taken with my camera, unless I mention someone else's. All of these were taken around March18th "45" - Burma. (The clouds cover the snow-capped mountains.)
Clouds over the camp.
Printed May 19 - 45
This is the Dispensary Lt. Shapiro and I built in December. My office (?) was on the right, his on the left. When it was a tent with a dirt floor. December - 45 in Burma. My picture, Bishop's developing. my enlargement.