All Black 335 Station Hospital

Carl Scarborough Jenkins was a Battalion Surgeon with the all black 335 Station Hospital.
While on station in Tagap, Burma, Carl spent his spare time taking pictures and developing them. The pictures on this web site have been in a shoe box in the back of a closet all these many years. Carl died September 11, 2000. He is survived by his wife, Helen Mathis Jenkins, daughter, Carlen J Mandas and grand daughter, Allison Kae Mandas. I'm Carlen's husband, Greg
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Naga who tried to sell us some fish. He was with the little boy whose picture I sent with the halter on his head. The film got ot and the punctured causing the scar or rather the streak.
April 1945 - This is a little Naga boy - about eight or ten years old. He is carrying fish in the basket fastened to the halter around his shoulder with headstrap. His father is to the left of him, trying to get 15 rupees (five bucks) for a big fish. You can see his size, for he barely comes up over his father's elbow. My picture - Barnes' developed it, I printed it. Don't you think I'm getting better?
He came around selling Burmese chickens. He is a "Naga" Native of these hills. He carries the chickens in a bamboo basket he wore. He asks five rupees. We talked him down to three - still to much. Note long knife. The name means "Head Hunter" They stopped two years ago. (I hope (smiles) He is almost five feet tall.
These are the fish. Fish are exceptionally large in the rivers here. I don't how the natives catch them, but I have seen fish that were dynamited (they said) large enough to feed a whole company of men. The wanted 15R (5 bucks for these.
Typical Burmese Native. Did I already send you one of these.
Two dogs. The Naga's (Tribesmen) catch them wild, tame them and sell them to soldiers. From three to fifteen ruppees is usually he pice - or a pack or two of cigarettes. (They are worth more than money here as as they are probably there. These are very young, you can see by the size of the glove they are playing with. They are family pets here . Nobody knows what kind the dogs are. I had this picture given to me. I don't know who made it.