All Black 335 Station Hospital

Carl Scarborough Jenkins was a Battalion Surgeon with the all black 335 Station Hospital.
While on station in Tagap, Burma, Carl spent his spare time taking pictures and developing them. The pictures on this web site have been in a shoe box in the back of a closet all these many years. Carl died September 11, 2000. He is survived by his wife, Helen Mathis Jenkins, daughter, Carlen J Mandas and grand daughter, Allison Kae Mandas. I'm Carlen's husband, Greg
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scan0001.jpg SECRET
LaGuardia Field, LI, New York

:DATE: 15 AUG 44:
15 August 1944

25. The fol named O's having rptd this sta, asgd Shipt No. 1195-AZ, listed on atchd roster, which is made an integral part of this order, WP by air by first available military airplane fr LaGuardia Fld NY to India, for assignment to the U. S. Army Forces, China-Burma-India.

Travel by com aircraft (Par 3, AR 55-120, 1943) mil or naval aircraft, rail, surface vessel or belligerent vessel or belligerent vessel is atzd. Travel directed by air fr NY NY to destination is necessary for the successful prosecution of the war effort.

Vaccination against typhus fever and cholera will be effected at this sta. prior to departure.


Clothing and individual equipment (sumner and winter) as prescribed in T/E 21, 15 December 1943, as modified by Cis 108 and 113, WD 44 will be issued. In addition, the following will be issued:

Headnets (1 per indivirtual)
Bars, insect, field (1 per individual)
Glasses, sun (1 pair per individual)
Repellent, insect, 2 oz bottles (1 per individual)

Baggage to be transported by air will be linited to 65 lbs. Packets, first aid, aid, and at least two (2) each per officer shirts and trousers, cotton, khaki, will be taken. Excess personal bagage will be packed and shipped to Los Angeles Port of embarkation, Wilmington, Calif., marked with os name, rank, ASN and Shipt No. 1195-AZ.

Pers will advise corespondents that mail will be addressed to them at APO 17112, c/o Postmaster, New York, N.Y. Immediately upon arr in theatre and asgmt to a unit or organization, personnel will complete and mail V-mail chg of address form. ("WD AGO Form No. 971) to advise friends and relatives of their perm APO and cable address. A completed WD AGO Form No. 204 will also be furn the theattre Postal Off.

Except as may be necessary in the transaction of official business, personnel are prohibited from discussing their overseas destination, even by Shipment Number. They will not file safe arrival telegrams with commercial agencies while enroute and at domestic and ovcrseas destination.

In lieu of subs a flat, per diem of $7.00 atzd for' O's for travel by air on official business and on route to perm sta for period not to exceed thirty (30) das any one sta within cont US. After departure cont US a flat per diem $7.00 atzd for period not to exceed forty-five (45) das while traveling enroute3 perm sta. When Govt qrs or billet furn and messing facilitios available, per diem alws susp. O's were nor furn qrs nor rat at this sta.

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