All Black 335 Station Hospital

Carl Scarborough Jenkins was a Battalion Surgeon with the all black 335 Station Hospital.
While on station in Tagap, Burma, Carl spent his spare time taking pictures and developing them. The pictures on this web site have been in a shoe box in the back of a closet all these many years. Carl died September 11, 2000. He is survived by his wife, Helen Mathis Jenkins, daughter, Carlen J Mandas and grand daughter, Allison Kae Mandas. I'm Carlen's husband, Greg
all images on the web site are (C) copyright Greg Mandas. If you would like to use any of them, please email me at: gmandas @


All Black 335 Station Hospital before shipping out to Tagap, Burma Carl Jenkins first row, 7th from left, Glasses and mustache
All Black 335 Station Hospital
before shipping out to Tagap, Burma
Signed by many members of the 335th.
A. R. Tweed, O.G. Smith
Roscow William, Carl S. Jenkins
Leroy Barnes, Donarell R. Green
R. M. Coleman, M. F. Gleason
Charles T. Cole, James B. Stafford(?)
Henry A. Washington, Neville A. Griffith
Marvin M. Fisk, Clarence D. Hinton
W. Shanks, George E. Marshall
38th Officer's Training Battalion Medical Field Service SchoolCarlisle Barracks, PA. Oct. 20th 1943Note two blacks. Carl Jenkins is upper left, first kneeling row, 4th from left.
Captian Carl S. Jenkins
at the 335th Station Hospital, Tagap Ga, Burma.
Capt. Carl S. Jenkins
This printing is lousy, Isn't it. Taken after a fine "C" ration dinner.
March - 1945
Leroy Barnes
See what happened to Barnes when Hinton caught him off guard? Inside - bad lighting all these pictures were made with my camera and I printed them.
Donarell R. Green
Barnes made this picture inside, but the light wasn't right.
Marvin M. Fisk - Dental Officer
Somewhere in India.
Clarence D.Hinton 1st. Lt. M.C.
Hinton by Barnes.
The bad lighting caught him just right. This is probably the best way to make his picture.
Of course this is Tweed.
Note the CBI emblem on right shoulder.
This Captain George Marshall former dental officer 383rd. Taken at Tagap Burma just before the departure of the 383rd. July 22nd 45.
Made early last December by Barnes. Bishop's developing - my enlarging. You already have one of these but this shows my improvement in technique. (Smiles)
Enlarged May 18 - 45
Abe Washington - It was both cold and windy.
He had to hold the railing to keep from falling.
May 18 - 1945 - This is from an old roll I made last december. The guy is Lt. Shapiro, dental officer where I was last december. The place is the Burmese English Hospital I told you about. that I ran while their doctor wa on leave. You can see the size of the dog - note the one behind him!
My picture - Bishop's developing - my printing and enlargement.
Lorenzo Vincent, lightweight - 335th Stat. He asked me to make this picture to send home. There was a boxing tournament near here.

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