All Black 335 Station Hospital

Carl Scarborough Jenkins was a Battalion Surgeon with the all black 335 Station Hospital.
While on station in Tagap, Burma, Carl spent his spare time taking pictures and developing them. The pictures on this web site have been in a shoe box in the back of a closet all these many years. Carl died September 11, 2000. He is survived by his wife, Helen Mathis Jenkins, daughter, Carlen J Mandas and grand daughter, Allison Kae Mandas. I'm Carlen's husband, Greg
all images on the web site are (C) copyright Greg Mandas. If you would like to use any of them, please email me at: gmandas @


The whole Gang. Hinton's negative - my paper
Barnes' "Harmonium closed. The box it is built into is very pretty dark wood. We never know just what woods are what around here. Even lumbermen can't tell you the names of some of the trees.
This is Barnes' "Harmonium" the thing I told you he bought for eighty rupees - approximately twenty-five bucks. You play it with one hand and pump it with the other. It is in effect a hand organ - and sounds like one. The keys are a shell like substance as is the plate above the keys with the air holes.
There is a patient that I worked on who draws quite well. He drew this of another patient and I photographed it. He drew one of me (all about 11" by 14") but I'm holding it until my camera comes to photograph it.
Alberta Hunter - Blues singer with U.S.O. Show
HBinton's picture - my paper
I tried this enlargement. Not very good. Note Smitty in the background. Early February. U.S.O. They stopped here one day.

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